Our Impact

1.5 million USD distributed in Fiscal Year 2018

Grant support given for 8 families and 16 organizations

Program portfolio included 13 countries, reaching 5 continents





  • 390 music therapy sessions provided for refugees, hospice patients, and child bereavement 


  • Outreach to 1611 sex workers

  • 173 women received support services at a drop-in center

  • 104 children of sex workers were registered in a weekly education and prevention program

  • 8 former sex workers received vocational training


  • 9 women who had been trafficked received comprehensive support services including housing, medical, counseling, social work, and job training

  • Contact and support services offered for 1000 women in the sex industry

  • 2,300 students participated in an extensive sex trafficking prevention program; 2,260 conversations with sex workers in Outreach program


  • 34 children with special needs received comprehensive care, education, and family support services

  • Social work services and home support for 35 permanent foster care homes and 186 children who have been abandoned, abused, or orphaned.

  • Permanent housing, education, medical coverage, and holistic care for 30+ orphaned or abandoned children





  • 1049 refugee families received monthly food coupons

  • 111 children with special needs and 1130 family members received services such as physical therapy, education, equipment, and family support


  • 78 women received care after being repatriated from sex trafficking; 16 women received residential long-term care; 9 women that were reintegrated back into society

  • 1228 victims of violence through burning received treatment including 30 reconstructive surgeries, 305 dressing changes, 297 legal cases, counseling, and job training

  • 566 children from families living in slum areas received a scholarship for accredited education

  • Emergency medical support and hospital services for a cost-free clinic located in Asia’s largest redlight district that sees an average of 300 exploited sex workers each month

  • Housing, food, medical care, spiritual care, and education for 75 children previously living on the streets or with mother living in nearby brothel and working in sex slavery

    300 abandoned elderly were taken in and given a home and comprehensive care


$1,579,749.49 total given in Fiscal Year 2018

Individual Basic Living Needs Scholarships $55,868.04

Human trafficking $203,338.10

Education $329,404.57

Orphaned or abandoned children $313,129.44

Refugees $106,675.15

Burn Treatment & Surgical Center $232,543.94

Abandoned Elders $175,700.86

Music Therapy $66,076.50

Individual Education Scholarships $62,821.54

Individual Medical Scholarships $34,182.35